Vocal trainer

Deepening my knowledge of singing and passing on my skills to students are the things I love to do most.

I had to discover at my expense that "there is only one technique", a mantra that many teachers instill in their learners, is the first big lie, which lays the foundations for a forced and constricting learning of the technique. A technique that is not modeled on the student can only lead to unsuccessful results.

This is why I modify the training course based on the artist I have in front of me, always keeping in mind the ones that for me are the golden rules of conscious and easy singing. Who decides to rely on my skills, can be sure that I will do my best to discover their vocal instrument with the times and methods required by their body.

I start from the basics of breathing, vocal warmup and anatomy of the phonatory organ, to reach a confident use of the vocal instrument, mastery of the technique, alongside body awareness.

Furthermore, my students have the opportunity to make professional recordings, to follow and document their artistic evolution (Self-recording technique lessons can be added).


For set-out-artists, for those who want to go further into the technique and receive a guide in the artistic sector, I offer my professionalism in the study of the repertoire and performing techniques, introducing and deepening notions of pronunciation and diction for singers, understanding of the text, acting and executive techniques (applied to singing).

For those who are curious to deepen the aspects of songwriting and composition, I also extend the lessons to those fields, so as to shape an artist as complete as possible.

Online singing lessons are also an option. For information, fill out the form on the page Contact.