Armourise, The Return of Agony

The Return of Agony (2019)

Collaboration as a session guest vocalist (tracks 7 and 11)


  1. Awaken In Agony
  2. Far From The Protection Of Heaven
  3. Wounded She Walks
  4. Lead & I Will Follow You
  5. Godess' Watching
  6. The Final Blow
  7. March The Madmen
  8. The Corrupted Throne
  9. The Showdown
  10. The Final Prayer
  11. Salvation
  12. Skyward (Bonus)
Basement's Glare, Red Zone

Basement's Glare
Red Zone (2020)

Single released in support of the fundraising campaign for Italian Civil Protection, launched following the Covid-19 emergency


  1. Red Zone
Riccardo Adamo, Power-driven

Riccardo Adamo
Power-driven (2020)

Electronic and experimental music album


  1. Locked Up
  2. Go Away
  3. King
  4. Son of the King
  5. Escape in the Woods
  6. Grotto
  7. Wandering
Basement's Glare, eponymous EP

Basement's Glare
Basement's Glare (2020)

Band's debut EP


  1. Weak
  2. (im)Perfect Life
  3. Take a Bow
  4. Earthquake
Riccardo Adamo, Come to me

Riccardo Adamo
Come to me (2020)

Electronic and orchestral music single


  1. Come to me
Basement's Glare, Flesh Contagium

Basement's Glare
Rise of the Enlightened
(Flesh Contagium) (2021)

Track 23 composed for the end credits of the film Flesh Contagium, by Lorenzo Lepori


  1. Vera Unchained
  2. Mutants Arrival
  3. Escape
  4. Ornella’s First Kill
  5. Melody of a Corrupt Love
  6. No Mercy
  7. Udolfo Violates Ornella
  8. Udolfo Violates Ornella (Reprise)
  9. Blossom of a Tainted Bond
  10. Vera Freaks Out
  11. Ornella Feeds the Creature
  12. Vera Spies on Them
  13. Getting Fresh Food
  14. Kinslayers
  15. Melody of a corrupt love (Reprise)
  16. Creature's Rebellion
  17. Vera’s Litany
  18. Udolfo's Theme
  19. Ornella Dies
  20. Mutants
  21. A New Beginning
  22. Dirge
  23. Rise of the Enlightened(Flesh Contagium)
  24. Mutants Reconnaissance
Riccardo Adamo, Carlos

Riccardo Adamo
Carlos (2021)

Orchestral music single


  1. Carlos
Riccardo Adamo, Wild Mask

Riccardo Adamo
Wild Mask (2021)

Electronic and orchestral music single


  1. Wild Mask
Basement's Glare, Acoustic Session

Basement's Glare
Acoustic Session (2021)

EP containing the songs previously released with the band, revisited in an acoustic and with a string quintet


  1. Red Zone (Acoustic)
  2. Imperfect Life (Acoustic)
  3. Earthquake (Acoustic)
  4. Take a Bow (Acoustic)
  5. Weak (Acoustic)
Basement's Glare, Circus of the Fallen

Basement's Glare
Circus of the Fallen (2021)

The band's second album, preceded by the single Monster-faced Angel


  1. The Entrance
  2. Breathe! Drown! Die!
  3. Monster-faced Angel
  4. The Way Out
  5. Worth Living
  6. Call Your Last Shot
  7. Knock You Down
  8. Puppet Master
  9. Changing My Name
  10. Circus of the Fallen, Part 1 - Man in the Mirror
  11. Circus of the Fallen, Part 2 - The Endless Fall
  12. Circus of the Fallen, Part 3 - Close my Eyes
  13. Act's over
Basement's Glare, Death is an Angel Needing Love

Basement's Glare
Death is an Angel Needing Love (2021)

Song composed for the credits of the film Born Dead (Nati Morti), by Alex Visani, and contained in the original soundtrack of the feature film


  1. Death is an Angel Needing Love
  2. Death is an Angel Needing Love (Instrumental)