Very young me

I was born on October 21, 1989 in that place that is now the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria (Italy), and which, at the time, was only Reggio Calabria. Deep South of Italy. I felt an inclination towards the arts since childhood, approaching both the visual ones (painting and drawing) and the musical ones, succeeding in all of them, but unable to find something that made me feel fulfilled, complete.

And then summer 2003 came. I was spending a few days at my paternal grandmother's house, together with my cousin and his family when, zapping grandma's old TV, we stumbled on MTV and my cousin told me, "Listen to this one, it's beautiful!". It was “Bring me to Life”, Evanescence's debut single. I was thunderstruck, both visually and audibly.

That summer I played that song on the jukebox (jukeboxes still existed!) a disproportionate number of times, causing several nervous breakdowns in the neighborhood, and shortly thereafter, upon the release of the band's second single, "Going Under", I bought my first CD: “Fallen”.

Mine is not a particularly artistic family, so that encounter with music, and with a new and so little mainstream musical genre (especially in Italy), marked me and changed me in a way that I cannot describe and that still excites me when I think about it.

First notes

I began to sing, to study the lyrics, to study the way in which the songs were composed, and to research any musical form that came close to that album. I discovered Nightwish, Within Temptation and, a few years later (the first approach with growl did not go particularly well) Epica and After Forever. I started writing my first songs, which I still have and which move a great tenderness in me, but also a certain pride in those daring attempts to "do it myself".

But symphonic metal had also brought me closer to two other genres, musical and opera, making me fall in love with them, to the point that I decided to take singing lessons. I was 16 when my first singing teacher, Liliana Marzano, on the notes of "The Phantom of the Opera", by Andrew Lloyd Webber, convinced me that I had the potential to "succeed" and suggested me to try admission to the Conservatory as soon as I was the right age.

Student first, professional later

It goes without saying that, coming from a family that is anything but versed in the arts, my parents' reaction was not the most accommodating, but a little over two years later (once mum and dad were convinced), Giacomo Carissimi and his "Vittoria, mio core!" guaranteed me admission to Conservatory of Music of Perugia (where I had moved for other academic vicissitudes).

It was another turning point in my artistic life, which led me to discover an unexplored world (for me) and to discover new talents. So, since 2009, I started studying, inside and outside the conservatory, deepening and perfecting all the musical fields in which I felt I could stand out: opera singing (with preference for the Baroque, Renaissance, modern and contemporary periods), choral singing, theatrical acting, composition and opera direction.

Always combining the study of cultured music and modern music, I completed my studies in the conservatory in 2016 and, shortly after, thanks to a fortunate series of circumstances, I started teaching modern singing and collaborating with two international agencies of artistic representation (DM Artist Management) and opera productions (IME Productions). For three years I worked “behind the scenes”, incorporating as much musical knowledge as possible and getting in touch with the most prestigious theaters and artists in the opera sector.

Once an artist, forever an artist

In the end I felt the need to get back into the game in first person, dedicating my time and energy, which the work had completely sucked up, to my music and my voice.

Hence the beginning of the collaboration with professionals in the recording industry, including Daniele Marinelli and Luca Maria Burocchi, the production of my music (available on all digital platforms) and the birth of the band Basement's Glare, for which I am, as well as vocalist, composer, lyricist and melodist (services that I also offer on SoundBetter).

Since February 2023 I have moved to The Netherlands to follow my personal and professional passions and aspirations.